Get Ready for the Epic Ninjala and Attack on Titan Crossover Event, Launching on March 15

The Ninjala Switch game by GungHo Online Entertainment has reached a remarkable milestone of 10 million downloads, and to celebrate this achievement, the game developers have announced a collaboration with the popular anime series Attack on Titan.

The collaboration is scheduled to launch on March 15th, and fans are eagerly anticipating what exciting features and content the developers have in store for them. This achievement highlights the game’s success and popularity among players, and the collaboration is expected to add even more excitement and engagement to the game.

Fans of GungHo Online Entertainment’s Ninjala Switch game can look forward to a thrilling crossover event with the popular anime series Attack on Titan on March 15th, as the game celebrates 10 million downloads.

While details of the collaboration remain sparse, players can anticipate special in-game activities, time-limited items, and possibly new characters that take inspiration from the Attack on Titan universe. This exciting crossover is the latest addition to a series of partnerships and updates that have kept Ninjala fans eagerly engaged.

The game developers have planned additional celebratory gestures in Ninjala. Players can get 1,000 free Jala as a login bonus from March 8 to April 26, and a commemorative tournament called the 10 Million Download Cup will take place from March 11 at 6 p.m. to March 12 at midnight PST.

The tournament will last for six hours and coincide with the Battle Bonus event, which will increase drop rates. These events will add to the excitement of the Attack on Titan crossover and give players more reasons to engage with the game.

Indeed, Ninjala has become a fan-favorite since its release on the Nintendo Switch on the 24th of June 2020, with its unique gameplay mechanics and colorful aesthetic. The upcoming collaboration with Attack on Titan is sure to generate even more buzz and excitement among players.

As more information about the crossover is released, fans will surely be eagerly awaiting the opportunity to take part in special events and obtain limited-time items. It’s definitely an exciting time for Ninjala and Attack on Titan fans alike.

Ninjala Hits 10 Million Downloads, Earns Tons of Rewards

The developers of Ninjala are offering a gift to all players to celebrate reaching 10 million downloads. Between March 8 and April 26, anyone who logs into the game will receive 1,000 free Jala, a virtual currency that can be used in the game’s Shinobi Shop to purchase items like Shinobi Cards, Ninja-Gums, and emotes that can be used to earn IPPONs in style. There will also be a limited-time special sale to allow players to stock up on these items.

It seems like an exciting event for Ninjala players! The 10 Million Download Cup will certainly be a great opportunity for players to show off their skills and compete against others, with the added bonus of increased drop rates during the Battle Bonus. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top and earns the title of the winner in a million!

Source: Anime News Network and bleedingcool